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Pavimenti sopraelevati Hyde Park City Belgrado

21 February 2024

Major projects: in Belgrade with Hyde Park City

An integrated project between business and mobility, Hyde Park City is a state-of-the-art office complex developed by CBS International as an extension to the new Belgrade railway station. With an area of approximately

Pirelli 35 Milano

13 September 2023

Urban regeneration, the new PIRELLI 35 building

Pirelli 35, one of the symbols of Milan's 1960s business center, is reborn thanks to the retrofitting project signed by Park Associati and Snøhetta, which focuses on the recovery of existing structures with

Nuovo Ospedale Monopoli - Fasano

29 May 2023

New Monopoli – Fasano HOSPITAL, medical excellence among ancient olive trees

A vanguard healthcare facility, on a total intervention area of 178,000 m2: the new Monopoli - Fasano Hospital, built by Astaldi - Webuild Group in collaboration with 180 supplier companies, represents one of

progetto SeiMilano

20 April 2023

SeiMilano, the architecture of connections

Buildings as a tool for (re)constructing community: from the verb to be as to exist, SeiMilano is Mario Cucinella Architects ' city-garden designed to restore one of the primal needs of the individual,


22 February 2023

CERN Science Gateway, the beauty of science designed by Renzo Piano

A center completely dedicated to education and dissemination of science, located inside CERN and inspired by its unique structures and technologies, such as the largest particle accelerator: Renzo Piano pays homage to genius

Biennale 2022 - Simone Leight

21 April 2022

Return to Biennale with Simone Leigh in the US Pavilion 2022

Nesite raised floor a fundamental element of the design, exhibited as one of the most significant and surprising construction solutions. It was the Koolhaas Biennale, the one that broke with the past, the

MEI Museo Emigrazione Italiana Genova

24 March 2022

MEI Genoa, the fixed abode of Italian emigration

A container of "departing" destinies, reference point over the centuries for pilgrims and travellers. The Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè, one of the most ancient complexes of Genoa, today welcomes its latest

EPD pavimenti sopraelevati

28 February 2022

EPD raised access floor in calcium sulphate

Environmental declaration obtained for all modules with a calcium sulphate core in the various finishes. The phases assessed - in terms of resource consumption and relative impact - include all processes from the

Le scale della complessità, Isplora e nesite

26 January 2022

THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY | film Isplora and Nesite

LE SCALE DELLA COMPLESSITÀ (THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY), the movie narrates nine places with different complexities, sharing a versatile and modular technological solution, such as the Nesite raised floor. The film, dedicated to

Bassi Business Park Milano

23 September 2021

Bassi Business Park, haute couture in urban fabric

It is the architectural avant-garde that forms the backdrop to one of the major urban redevelopment projects underway in Milan, BASSI BUSINESS PARK. The project, which involves the full redevelopment of 1970s buildings

National Museum Qatar

15 February 2021

NMoQ_Family Exhibits, the raised floor becomes SMART

A building of unquestionable architectural charm, shaped by the creative audacity of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the National Museum of Qatar offers a sensory museum experience, a symbol of metamorphosis, beauty and modernity. The

WPP campus Milano - Nesite

15 June 2020

New WPP HQ, “stargate” of creativity in Milan

A city in constant transformation, a magnet for foreign investment, a primary business hub. Milan, Milan, by now a symbol of hospitality, competitiveness and social inclusion, is an undisputed must for the companies

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