S.Michele e S.Rita Church, Milan

DESIGN: Arch. Sergio Agape
TOTAL AREA: 1.000 m2

The Nesite raised floor as a non-invasive technical solution in the conservative restoration works of historical buildings.

In the specific case of the Church of S. Michele Arcangelo and S. Rita in Milan, the priority concerned the preservation of the original flooring, recognized as a fundamental element of the liturgy and characterizing the building itself.

The installation of our radiant system Diffuse has given not only the concrete possibility of preservation of the existing flooring, but also the integration of a floor heating system with a low environmental impact and the total inspection of the underfloor.


 1.000 m2 of radiant raised floor composed of:

  • Twin Floor panels 600 x600 mm with ceramic upper covering; panels with various chromium plating were used in order to reproduce the original floor pattern;
  • radiant panels with special bottom surface for perfect thermal insulation, including multilayer pipes;
  • acoustic sound pads in eco-compatible rubber, dimensions 100 x 100 mm, 5 mm thick.