Calcium Sulphate

Calcium Sulphate
Calcium Sulphate
Calcium Sulphate

The raised floor with calcium sulphate core is considered the top of the range and is used in cases where a floor with high performance is required, in terms of mechanical strength, fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and limited hygro-sensitivity.

It consists of a monolithic layer of calcium sulphate, anhydrite-reinforced, with recycled cellulose fibers, reaction to fire in class 0 (class A1 according to EN 13501-1).

The main feature that ensures high performance is the density. Nesite uses calcium sulphate with a density of 1600 kg/m³, the highest available on the market.

Calcium sulphate panels are available in different thickness options:

• PG3 – 34 mm thick, for the best performances.

• PG6 – 30 mm thick, perfect with ceramic gres top covering.

• PG2 – 22 mm thick, used only with ceramic gres and stones.

• PG1 – 12 mm thick, used only with stones and galvanized steel tray at the bottom.



• Very high footfall comfort.

• High acoustic comfort.

• Excellent load capacity.

• High fire resistance

• Interchangeable panels that are easy to remove.

• Wide range of top coverings.


Aluminum foil : protect from dust and humidity and improve the fire resistance;
galvanized steel tray : improve the mechanical resistance of the panel.

The panel with primer option is also available (no covering, only protection with primer varnish on top and bottom).

Note: other thicknesses available on request.