Radiant system Diffuse

Radiant system Diffuse
Radiant system Diffuse
Radiant system Diffuse

Diffuse is the first patented dry radiant raised access floor completely accessible, which does not require any cement screed for the thermal regulation of the space where it is installed.

Diffuse system is lightweight, fast and easy to install, can be immediately walked on and has a very low thermal inertia. Diffuse was designed to optimize the highest thermal efficiency, without sacrificing the characteristics that a raised floor must ensure.



• Rapid installation thanks to the dry laying.

• Totally accessible: each panel can be removed and repositioned without any constraint.

No architectural limit thanks to the total lack of heating elements in the room (e.g. fan coils or radiators), for the maximum freedom and purity of design.

No convective motion of air in the room, no alteration of air quality and reduction in the amount of dust into the room.

• High thermal performance, fast response speed and excellent temperature distribution (uniform heat up to 2.5 m high).

• Energy saving, minimum 30%.