TYPOLOGY: Renovation

TOTAL AREA: 700 sqm

YEAR: 2019

Nesite’s raised floor in the office area of Sunglass Industry, which celebrates 35 years of activity with a complete restyling of its own headquarters.

Sunglass Industry is one of the most important Italian companies specializing in processing of the curved glass of large dimensions. Thanks to its top quality products, it has contributed over the years to the diffusion of the glass in the building design, joy and inspiration for the greatest architects.

From its first project of 1986, the curved façade of Le Monde headquarters in Paris, Sunglass has come a long way: from the Dublin airport terminal to the Nardini Research Center in Bassano, from the Biosfera of the Old Port of Genoa to the  Ferris wheel of London and Los Angeles.

The reduction – if not the complete removal- of the separation between interior and exterior is also re-proposed in the design of its own headquarters, where connection and continuity are conferred precisely by the use of glass, both inside, with the installation of transparent movable glass walls, and outside, with the new scenographic curved glass facade, 49 meters long and 11 meters high.

The wood as complementary element, chosen for the construction of the ceiling, able to give warmth and comfort to the entire space, difficult to achieve with the sole use of glass.


In the Sunglass Hq was installed a raised floor composed of panels with high density calcium sulphate core, 30 mm thick, combined with the MPL galvanized steel substructure, ideal for spaces with medium traffic.

As finishing, a beige concrete-look porcelain stoneware was chosen, for a perfect integration with the soft colors of the furniture. The 60 x 120 cm format of the tiles, instead, emphasizes the chromatic contrasts and the graphic effects present on the surface.