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What is a raised floor

Raised floor, also known as floating floor, is a dry flooring system consisting of modular panels supported by a galvanized steel structure. An inspectable walking surface is thus created, which allows the placement of plants in the underfloor technical compartment.

Characterized by elements designed specifically for the project requirements, the raised floor is a functional system, capable of integrating modularity in its declinations of flexibility, aesthetics and innovation.

Raised floor system

Why use raised floor

Quick installation

The raised floor is a modular dry system (without the use of cementitious screed), a feature that makes it efficient right from the installation phase, with a significantly shorter installation time than traditional flooring. The immediately walkable surface also allows works to advance, optimizing overall site times.


Raised floors are characterized by complete ispectability, thus allowing access to the plenum below, facilitating any plant maintenance work. They also offer the advantage of changing the layout of the floor and underlying systems at any time-even after installation-following the evolution of the space.

Safety and sustainability

Floating floors are solutions with high safety standards, regulated by the EN 12825 standard, guarantees the performance and quality of the system in terms of mechanical resistance, reaction and fire resistance, thermal insulation and acoustic comfort.

Added to this is the company’s willingness to pursue sustainable development of its solutions, offering new technologies and materials characterized by a virtuous life cycle, with low environmental impact.


Raised floor responds to the needs of contemporary living with a technical approach with high aesthetic appeal, thanks to the wide range of available finishes. Every project at Nesite is based on listening carefully to the client and understanding their needs in order to build a mutual value exchange .

How is made the raised floor


The panels are the main part of the raised floor system, at the same time helping to ensure the designed load resistance and determining the aesthetic characteristics of the space. The elements that make up the panel are:

Raised floor structure


The structure is the fundamental element of a raised floor, as it determines the height over the surface it is lying on.

It is composed of two elements:

• the columns which constitute the vertical element adjustable in height.

• the connection stringers.

The structure is available in different heights for different needs, from a minimum of 3 cm to 100 cm in the standard version. Upon request, it is also available for bigger heights, condition that requires specific design and installation features, such as the use of bracings.

Special Solutions

Pavimento radiante ispez


Patented radiant raised floor, completely accessible

pavimento sopraelevato luminoso


High-brightness walkable LED panel, which allows to create light paths with maximum flexibility

sistema integrato pavimenti sopraelevati, pareti vetrate, controsoffitti


Integrated design of raised floors, partitions and ceilings into one functional and efficient system



Floor plant module that allows to create customized green areas in indoor spaces

Applications of the raised floor

Raised floors are suitable for all kinds of applications, from new construction projects to the redelopevement and restoration of historical and/or protected buildings.

The versatility of use derives precisely from the structural characteristics of the system, a dry, efficient and non-invasive solution, capable of adapting in a functional manner to the specific requirements of the project, even of great complexity

Quality of the process and the result, in Nesite we approach each project with a perspective made of creative look, search for the best, selected and certified material, technical expertise and care in production.

Outdoor raised floor

Nesite’s outdoor raised floor is a high mechanical performance solution designed to ensure dimensional stability in various weather conditions, favoring the drainage of rainwater and the rising of humidity.

The system is composed of panels obtained through the coupling of the upper finish – stoneware or stoneware – to a structural core of sintered material. Only recycled components are used in production, pressed and sintered at very high temperatures, in order to obtain a product that is both high-performing and environmentally sustainable, free of pollutants or toxic substances.

Outdoor raised floor is the ideal solution for creating functional and design-oriented outdoor spaces. Thanks to its modular design, it is easy to install and allows you to create flat surfaces, even on uneven terrain.

Resistant to weather and atmospheric agents, it is perfect for creating walkways, patios or relax areas quickly and without masonry work.

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