da interno RAISED FLOORS

indoor raised floors

The raised floor was born as a system to meet the technological needs of technical rooms and allow easy accessibility and maintenance of cabling systems.
Thanks to the wide range of solutions for indoor, Nesite floor allows not only to realize a modern workspace but also solutions of high aesthetic value with a special attention on the end user comfort.
Designed and manufactured for any application, Nesite raised floor can adapt to all environments, even with tailor-made solutions, and it becomes the ideal solution for renovation of old buildings as it allows you to upgrade and develop old spaces turning them into high technology environments.


da esterno RAISED FLOORS

outdoor raised floor

As part of a continuous technological research related to the implementation of the new architectural requirements and to the greater sensitivity of the market towards the outdoor features, Nesite has designed a new system by combining design and aesthetic novelty with the best technical features of the current market. More and more attention is paid to the construction details that can enhance buildings by improving their finishes. But today it is necessary to improve also the technical characteristics and energy saving besides the housing comfort. “Twin Floor”, the raised floor for outside, was born to improve the building’s thermal and acoustic classification as well as to contain the maintenance costs of the property.