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The raised floor dedicated to Data Centers is a high-performance system, capable of adapting to the constant evolution of server rooms. Modular and flexible, the floor system represents a versatile solution, which supports the development of spaces in increasing thermal volumes, connections, wiring, significantly reducing management and maintenance costs over time.

APPLICATIONS: server rooms, UPS and electrical rooms, service corridors, offices and control rooms.


The system

TR Structure

The TR structure is specially designed for technical rooms such as Data Centers and is characterized by high load performance and flexibility in the positioning of the pedestals, thanks to the combination of long and short stringers, fixed to flat or cross heads.

Completely in galvanized steel, the pedestal consists of a circular base fixed to a tube, coupled to a head connected to a threaded rod; a special nut allows to easily adjust the height. The “C profile”stringers are fixed at the top and form the support mesh for the panels and allow for an increase in the mechanical resistance and overall stability of the flooring.

Heads and profiles are shaped so that they can be mechanically fixed together at any point along the entire profile, thus allowing the arrangement of the pedestals even at distances greater than 600mm and consequently more freedom when positioning each functional system of the Data Center in the underfloor plenum. Finally, special gaskets with an anti-noise function are positioned on the profiles, for greater adherence of the panels to the structure.

Possibility of seismic configuration.

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The floor system for data centers uses panels with a high-density core in chipboard (730 kg/m3) or calcium sulphate (1,600 kg/m3), covered in the lower part with aluminum foil (thickness 0.05mm) or sheet/tray in galvanized steel (thickness 0.5mm), in order to increase the thermo-hygrometric stability and the mechanical characteristics of the entire panel.

The covers used, on the other hand, can be in HPL, vinyl or rubber, both in the antistatic and conductive versions.


The raised floor for data centers can be integrated with ventilation accessories, employed when the underfloor plenum is used for air distribution:

GRID PANELS, dimension 600x600mm constituted by a pressed grid with 66x15mm mesh, welded to a perimeter frame 4mm thick, two heights available: 30mm and 38mm. The panel is totally made of steel with electroplating zinc surface treatment and then polyester powder coated. The free surface is approximately 80%;

PERFORATED PANELS dimensions 600x600mm with different % free air and possibility of airflow adjustments.All metal parts are painted. Can be supplied with the same finish as the flooring.



Adaptability to different cooling solutions

The underfloor space offers the ideal and optimal location for all cooling systems, from direct air distribution to the possible path of air pipes or chilled water pipes.

High mechanical performance

The special underfloor structure, together with the choice of panel, allow for high-performance systems that meet the most stringent mechanical restrictions.

Optimization of air distribution

The structure of the raised floor and the space beneath the panels offer support for the assembly of perfectly integrated and modular equipment for controlling the flow of air or pressure, in suitably identified strategic points, with maximum freedom.

Flexibility over time

In the space under the floor, all the systems necessary for the functioning of the room are ready for future needs: from the connection network to that for the energy supply, from the direct distribution of the air to the possible path of the chilled water pipes, they can all be easily adapted.

Security and reliability

The underfloor plenum keeps chilled water flows separate from wiring and sensitive equipment, minimizing the risk of damage in the event of leaks, condensation, breakdowns or malfunctions.

Optimal plant distribution

The raised floor module features a grid with sides of 60 cm: the minimum obstruction of the floating floor structure allows for maximum flexibility and is the best solution for distributing the various functional systems up to the points of use.

Ease of connection to technological and functional networks

The availability of a wide range of electrical devices, combined with the maximum flexibility and adaptability of the system, allow the complete connection and control of all systems and data distribution networks.

Minimum maintenance costs

Operating costs are reduced to a minimum and access to the systems in the event of breakdown or routine maintenance is easy and direct. The operator can access the underfloor plenum from practically anywhere in the room, flexibly and with maximum safety, without the aid of ladders or special tools.

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