Client: Man-Empty Joint Venture (MEJV)

Designer: Opera Amsterdam 

National Museum of Qatar - Family Exhibit, the raised floor becomes SMART

An innovative and immersive guardian of culture, the National Museum of Qatar designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel is one of the most complex buildings ever built, an emblem of the perfect collaboration between architecture and structural engineering.

The museum houses a one and a half kilometre long exhibition path, where the permanent exhibition unfolds in a sequence of eleven interconnected galleries. Alongside the meanders of the permanent exhibition, six areas have been created where history comes to life in an exciting, innovative and immersive space. A mesmerising yet educational place, where each exhibition has its own storyline, distinct style and unique interactive entertainment.

It is in this context that our raised floor becomes an interactive twister-style play platform, where little ones answer questions by placing body parts on the tiles, which light up and change colour. The island is made entirely of JUNO LED panels and responds to touch inputs through the integration of special software.


• raised floor composed of JUNO panels with printed glass surface, special size 300×300 mm

© Photography
Studio Louter
Man-Empty Joint Venture (MEJV)