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Progettazione integrata uffici sistema Kairos

22 November 2022

Integrated design: the new KAIROS system

A functional, elegant, rational interior development: Kairos is Nesite's new proposal that relates three elements - raised floors, glass walls and false ceilings - creating a single integrated system

Most to least viewed - Eva e Franco Mattes

13 October 2022

Most to least viewed, the raised floor as Connective Monument by Eva & Franco Mattes

Most to least viewed by Eva and Franco Mattes, our raised floor becomes a metaphor for the infrastructure of connection (Connective Monument) in the architecture of internet

Brochure di sostenibilità Nesite

07 October 2022

LEED mapping raised floor

Our sustainability brochure is an act of total transparency towards our customers. Our commitment therefore passes from facts to words, those transcribed in the document drawn up in collaboration with Greenwich Srl, where we have

Inaugurazione sistema antisismico 9D LAB

10 June 2022

9d lab anti-seismic system, nesite raised floor into the launch test

When we talk about the anti-seismic design of a building, we are talking about a whole series of procedures designed primarily to stem its structural failure. But, to protect what is most precious

100 italian green building stories

23 May 2022

100 Italian Green Building Stories, Nesite among the excellences

100 Italian Green Building Stories, Nesite among the excellences selected by Fondazione Symbola and Fassa Bortolo. An initiative that recounts the evolution of the construction sector through one hundred Made in Italy entrepreneurial

Materials matter 2022

02 May 2022

Nesite in Barcelona with Materials Matter 2022

Nesite is exhibiting at Materials Matter 2022, a meeting conceived to bring the industry closer to architecture, offering perspectives on new materials and product innovations which allow alternative and ecological ways of building.

Biennale 2022 - Simone Leight

21 April 2022

Return to Biennale with Simone Leigh in the US Pavilion 2022

Nesite raised floor a fundamental element of the design, exhibited as one of the most significant and surprising construction solutions. It was the Koolhaas Biennale, the one that broke with the past, the

MEI Museo Emigrazione Italiana Genova

24 March 2022

MEI Genoa, the fixed abode of Italian emigration

A container of "departing" destinies, reference point over the centuries for pilgrims and travellers. The Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè, one of the most ancient complexes of Genoa, today welcomes its latest

EPD pavimenti sopraelevati

28 February 2022

EPD raised access floor in calcium sulphate

Environmental declaration obtained for all modules with a calcium sulphate core in the various finishes. The phases assessed - in terms of resource consumption and relative impact - include all processes from the

Le scale della complessità, Isplora e nesite

26 January 2022

THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY | film Isplora and Nesite

LE SCALE DELLA COMPLESSITÀ (THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY), the movie narrates nine places with different complexities, sharing a versatile and modular technological solution, such as the Nesite raised floor. The film, dedicated to

Showroom Nesite in Milan

14 January 2022

Opening Showroom Nesite in Milan

Opened on 15th December 2021 the new Showroom Nesite in Milano Sesto, in the former industrial heart of the city, today site of the biggest urban regeneration (1.300.000 sqm) in Europe. The space,

25Hours Hotel

23 December 2021

25Hours Hotels Florence recounted by Ioarch

25Hours Hotel Firenze, the storytelling project inspired by the Divine Comedy, recounted by IoArch in its January 2022 issue. Commedia terrena nel cuore della città (Earthly comedy in the heart of the city)

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