TYPOLOGY: Renovation

TOTAL AREA: 350 m² 

YEAR: 2020

From a simple "option" to an ethical and conscious choice, sustainability really matters today and Athesys, with the renovation of its headquarters, wanted to give a real demonstration of this.

An environment with precise architectural standards, but based on the eco-sustainability of the materials used. The request was immediately reflected in the natural cork finishing proposed by Nesite Interior, chosen by Ahesys for both the floor and walls for its extraordinary characteristics.

Cork, in fact, has intrinsic properties that improve acoustics, walking comfort, preserves air quality, is antistatic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, resistant to mould and bacteria, as well as excellent thermal insulation, while ensuring breathability. The raised floor chosen, moreover, has been made with 100% FSC Recycled certified wooden conglomerate panels.

The glass walls, with their minimalist design, have been designed to guarantee maximum visual lightness, so as to highlight the architectural environment and give lightness to the spaces.


• 350 m² of raised floor composed of chipboard panels, 38 mm thick, and natural cork finishing, 4 mm thick.

• wall cladding with fir wood back structure and natural cork panels anchorage.

• glass partition walls.