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New Adriatic Lng Work Hub

A structure of the past for the economy of the future, the new Work Hub Adriatic LNG is established inside a 20th-century industrial complex, a sugar mill until 1978, then an exhibition space (Pavilion B) of the Cen.Ser Service Center in Rovigo. The building, a testament to the construction quality of the time, has been converted by the Nesite Interior division into a modern and functional space that brings together the company’s activities in direct support of the regasification terminal’s operations, off the coast of Veneto.

The Project

To conserve, to appropriate the pre-existing while respecting its historical authenticity, to hand down to posterity aware of the importance of leaving evidence. These are the premises that guided the realization of the new Adriatic LNG work hub, an intervention perfectly integrated in the original architecture, where the renovation has mainly filled the gaps in terms of plant engineering and space organization.

The pavilion is reminiscent of the majesty of a cathedral, a single large volume characterized by great heights, from 7 to 12 meters at the center of the span. This aspect was decisive in the choice of interventions to be implemented, both in terms of plant engineering and space organization.

The first integrated system is the Diffuse full-surface radiant raised floor, a dry solution that encompasses a plurality of functions and benefits, going first to meet the needs of air conditioning and energy efficiency of the environment.

The Diffuse system, which allows total inspectability and thus allows access to the plenum below, also gives flexibility in making any changes to the current setting of the work area. Since it is also, a protected and listed building, Diffuse proved to be the only option capable of ensuring reversibility, thus allowing any restoration to the initial state without alteration.

The same principle also animates the organization of the spaces, where heights were exploited with the inclusion of a mezzanine area dedicated to meeting rooms and executive offices. Thus, all glazed walls, metal suspended ceilings , connecting ramps and fall-preventing glass parapets integrated into the raised floor were built.

The office area on the ground floor, on the other hand, consists of individual workstations, supplemented by three meeting pods of various sizes, with white painted wooden supporting structure and sound-absorbing ceiling made of plasterboard sheets, technical fabric with high sound absorption, visible finish made by applying oak veneer wood slats, complete with automated lighting and air exchange.

Supply Details

01) 1. 300 M2 Diffuse Radiant System Consisting Of:

– Twin Floor Indoor panels, with core composed of inert material and polymers, sintered at very high temperature, total thickness approx. 26 mm, coated on top with cement-effect Porcelain Stoneware nominal size 600×600 mm.

– Galvanized Steel Structure with micrometric height adjustment and provision for receiving heating and cooling insulation panels, conforming to UNI EN 1264 subtype B.

– 300 kPa Extruded Polystyrene Foam Active Panel, 40 mm thick with coupled 0.5 mm thick pure aluminum diffusers shaped for perfect cohesion with the heat exchanger tube.

– Medium Pipe Pitch 150 mm; Stainless Steel Manifolds complete with fittings for 16 x 2 mm pipe.

02) Integrated double-glazed partition walls, height 3.05 m, multifunction profile with surface finish painted white RAL 9010 matte color; wall infill is made of 6/6 mm clear laminated glass, with acoustic PVB in between, beveled and polished flush ground edges.


– No. 2 dimensions 3000x3000xH2500

– No.1 dimensions 6000x3000xH2500


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