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Pirelli 35, one of the symbols of Milan’s 1960s business center, is reborn thanks to the retrofitting project signed by Park Associati and Snøhetta, which focuses on the recovery of existing structures with the implementation of virtuous practices to maximize efficiency, sustainability and flexibility. The building will be fully integrated by Nesite’s raised flooring solutions, ideal systems in urban regeneration works because they are able to modulate to the project by flanking it in future technological performance and functionality.

Pirelli 35, a new complex of excellence in Milan’s Porta Nuova district

The Pirelli 35 project, owned by COIMA Sgr, is among one of Milan’s largest rehabilitation and redevelopment projects, the development of which is articulated around the original building according to ambitious environmental and social standards. In fact, the new complex expands and optimizes the structural qualities of the existing building, in the joint and coherent vision of the two design studios-Park Associati and Snøhetta-which is strongly marked by sustainability issues.

Specifically, the Pirelli 35 project involves an area of about 45,000 sqm and involves the integration of new volumes and extensions connected by a bridge building. The partial demolition of the original building also creates a public courtyard enhanced by a garden in order to promote the permeability of the work by the community.

In terms of performance, Pirelli 35 includes the introduction of the most effective practices in terms of sustainable building such as the use of large ventilated facades for thermoregulation, use of cradle-to-cradle certified materials, and ultra-low impact technologies for energy needs. Indeed, it is planned to achieve LEED Platinum, nZEB and WELL Gold standards, to which is added the WiredScore certification, a new international rating system that assesses the quality of digital infrastructure. The result is a multi-certified smart complex that fits perfectly into its architectural and social context.

Edificio Pirelli 35
Pirelli 35 building in the Milan Porta Nuova district – credits Park Associati


Pirelli 35 is a reflection of a quality design process capable of transforming an obsolete building into a work that interprets the future and its demands. Since this is a WiredScore-certified smart complex, thus with high automation and connectivity, the plant design becomes crucial in allowing a high-performance configuration, but also one that can be modulated to the building’s upcoming needs.

The use of the raised floor in Pirelli 35 thus becomes an easy tool in the implementation of the necessary infrastructure, also facilitating any future implementation or modification. In fact, the preparation of the systems is carried out in the plenum below, of various heights, where designers can have customizable technical compartments free of constraints.

Specifically, Nesite’s solutions for the Pirelli 35 project consist of the supply and installation of more than 27,000 sqm of raised floor of an inspectable type, meaning it allows accessibility at any point in the system. The solution used consists of EPD-certified calcium sulfate panels, thus in line with the required environmental parameters, combined with a structure with transoms equipped with acoustic pads for increased comfort. Finally, the system will be completed with the application of various types of self-laying finishes.

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