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Abu Dhabi's Louvre

Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

After many years of hard work, the museum Louvre in Abu Dhabi will open its doors.

Designed  by Pritzker prize winner Jean Nouvel, the museum was born following an intergovernmental agreement with France and it will exhibit artworks from all over the World.

Jean Nouvel was inspired by the special features of the Saadiyat site: a virgin lagoon island, between sand and sea, shade and light. His design will offer future visitors a high-impact architectural and museum experience that fosters dialogue between cultures.

The peculiarity of this prestigious work is the silver dome, which measures 180 meters and is made up of nearly 8000 metallic stars embedded in a complex geometric pattern which creates a spetacular “light rain” effect when it is lit by the sun.

panoramica louvre abu dhabi Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

Nesite contributed to the completion of the project by installing over 20.000 sqm of highly customized raised access floor, certified as anti–seismic. 

This is a project of enormous complexity, with highly customized product that also includes the Leed certification.

We have produced panels with special dimensions, for the most part 1400×233 mm, with calcium sulphate core 38 mm thick and upper covering in different types of natural marbles, applying a 3 mm bronzed brass edge trim specifically designed to meet the customer’s request.

For this project, we have produced and installed the following:

  • Our Tetris floor with tongue & groove system, calcium sulphate core at high density 32 mm thick and MPL stringers.
  • Customized panels with calcium sulphate core, 38 mm thick, galvanized steel tray 1 mm thick and various finishes in natural stone, with perimeter in bronze brass 3 mm thick, special dimensions 1400×233 mm.
  • Heavy duty substructure, with stringers 50x50x2 mm and special metal mesh 70×70 cm.

red levanto nesite raised floor Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

pavimento sopraelevato personalizzato interno Nesite3 Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

pavimento sopraelevato personalizzato esterno Nesite2 Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

pavimento sopraelevato customizzato Nesite4 Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

pavimento nesite louvre abu dhabi Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

omani stone pavimento sopraelevato nesite Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

Nesite raised floor red levanto Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

gran vestibule su tetris pavimento spraelevato nesite nesite Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

dettaglio pavimento sopraelevato customizzato Nesite2 Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

black marquina pavimento sorpaelevato nesite Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

baiolite pavimento sopraelevato nesite Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi


DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Diffuse is the maximum evolution of radiant raised access floors.

It consists of special panels made of a sandwich formed by a patented aluminium shaped radiant body, enclosed between a lower polystyrene insulating layer and the top finish panel. The special shaping of the aluminum foil allows the perfect fit of a multilayer pipe, therefore enable the highest thermal efficiency. The pipeline supplies the Diffuse system with water at low temperature (up to 35 ° C in heating and 17 ° C in cooling) coming from a thermal plant. The aluminum foil acts as a diffuser of the thermal power and ensures its uniform distribution. This allows the optimum air-conditioning of the area affected by Diffuse.

Cattura71 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Diffuse system can be composed of more than one water circuit (for medium-sized areas up to 12m ²/circuit) that converge to special manifolds with regulation driven by the room’s air conditioning control system.

Such composed system is than raised from the concrete slab by a special structure with adjustable height from 14 to 65 cm in order to create a cavity beneath the floor to collect other installations such as wiring, plumbing, telephone, computer and any fresh air system

The total accessibility to said systems is granted through an easy operation: removing the finishing panels and the neutral diffuser panels (without piping), which are totally independent one from the other. This operation can be repeated as many times as necessary: without intervention of skilled personnel, without any connection to existing installations which limits the handling, without special tools for removal and repositioning of the panels.Simplicity, ease and precision for the maximum comfort.

The huge versatility of Diffuse: light, easy to install and completely dry, applicable in any space where a raised floor can be installed, removable, with the possibility of replacing the finishing of the floor at any time without the need for masonry

Cattura DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

The very low thermal inertia: this is the characteristic of dry radiant systems due to the reduced mass; it allows to bring the room to the desired temperature in the shortest time possible, avoiding the long preheating times at ignition, as well as power and energy waste at switch off, that is typical of screed radiant systems having a much higher thermal inertia than Diffuse.

The high thermal efficiency: due to the choice of materials and the composition of the system, Diffuse ensures a significant reduction in consumption (-35%) with the consequent benefit in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and spending review. These are just some of Diffuse’ s peculiar features, the innovative radiant raised floor ideal for new buildings and renovations.

Diffuse: advantages and saving

Cattura2 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors Cattura3 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Totally accessible: each panel can be removed and repositioned without any constraint, thus allowing full accessibility to the underfloor in order to make maintenance and /or modifications to the systems (wires, plumbing, telephone and computer) or to vary the configuration of the rooms with the addition or new positioning of work-stations.

Energy Saving: more than 35%




The use of the advanced control system (optional) allows the perfect thermal regulation of the system; it is able to compensate for abrupt changes of the room’s temperature due to outside heat where, for example, there are large glass areas.

Optimal distribution of the temperature: (uniform heat up to approx. 2,5 m high).

No convective motion of air in the room, no alteration of air quality and reduction in the amount of dust into the room.

Cattura1 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Fields of application

The Diffuse system can be applied wherever there are the conditions for using a raised floor.

It is recommended for areas subject to space reconfigurations (e.g. open space offices, banks, museums, public offices, etc.) because it is completely accessible and, therefore, allows various changes to the underfloor systems at any time and without having to resort to a costly demolition.

HOUSING RENOVATION drastic reduction in the realization times; // simplification of the worksite’s logistics; // total costs very close to those of the wet solutions (with cement screed).

RENOVATION OF TERTIARY BUILDINGS  drastic reduction in the realization times.

RESTRUCTURING OF SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: drastic reduction in the realization times, resulting in rapid returns on investment due to a faster start-up of the business activity; // simplification of the worksite’s logistics: about 4 weeks, with consequent economic advantages resulting from a rapid re-opening; // the most cost-effective solution.

Contact us, we will be proud to give you all the informations about a product that can be considered the state of the art in the radiant raised floors market.

Schermata 2014 12 01 alle 20.13.08 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Schermata 2015-11-18 alle 16.31.33

Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”

Workhop November 25 @ Dubai Nesite Showroom: when communication means training.

Raised floor market asks for an always increasing attention by companies who are, like Nesite, developing their business in quality, and not just in quantity.

Our raised floor are becoming more and more popular globally, but skills needed for choosing and installing the right system are highly required.

Experience and know how

Considering the importance of know how, Nesite decided to arrange for proper workshops studied and held by technicians of our company, specializes in raised floor production for over 50 years.

Such workshops will be detailed real training, of utmost interest for professional building operators wanting to learn what kind of technology and features are making raised floor the ideal choiche for any and all kind of enviroment: residential and commercial as well.1415 Nesite infografica Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”


From production to installation, Nesite workshops will go through detailed programmes analyzing all characteritics of raised floor, in order to help the participants to evaluate our product and compare it with other systems available in the market.


We will be in the UAE for the first workshop, which will be held in Nesite Showroom in Dubai on Novembre 25th, few kilometers away from our production plant in Sharjah.

Senza titolo1 Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”

We will be really pleased to meet all professionals, operating in that area, who have already confirmed their presence, as well as all of those ones who will come and take part in that which is going to be the very first of many future meetings.


Workshop programme: click here

Schermata 2015 11 18 alle 16.16.12 Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”


Schermata 2015-10-23 alle 10.40.15

In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Last February we spoke about Wilber Atrium, a construction BREEAM certified, equipped with raised floor from Nesite and projected witn an Under Floor Air Distribution System, with all the installations (ventilation, air conditioning plus water, electricity and computer cabling) located under the Nesite raised floor, which cover almost all the flooring area.

Today we want to talk you about Værstetorvet Project 1.

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 11.06.31 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floorsVærstetorvet 1 is a modern new building complex designed and built with innovative solutions, as the beginning of the creation of a new district. Fully occupied from start it houses “high tech” IT companies, building consultants and architect firms. All attracted by maximum flexibility and unchallenged indoor environment for best staff performance.

Raised floor system has been chosen as ideal solution to save space and to increase the flexibility of the layout, besides, the building benefits from underfloor air conditioning developed and supplied by Nesite partner GBT Concept. Same technical solution as previous Norwegian project Vilberg Atrium.

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 10.47.16 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Despite building regulations, the developers even managed to get an extra floor due to height savings achieved by raised floor ventilation technique. Approximate height saving is between 40 – 60 cm / floor.

Project manager Roy V. Jacobsen, talking about this project: <<  There are several good reasons for choosing Nesite raised floors solution. The floor is prefabricated and can be assembled quickly and more comfortably for artisans, while the rails under the floor makes it flexible to furnish an office landscape as required. All systems are ready under the floor, and the system also comes with connectors, plug-in and rails located under the floor >> 

Development Director, Sigbjørn Moe:  << Instead of adding all technical solutions with water, ventilation, electricity and data cables in ceilings, as one does in most buildings, we have put everything under the floor.Ceilings normally builds 50 to 60 centimeters, while the raised floor just build 20 centimeters. This system makes it comfortable for the employees, as well as being environmentally friendly by saving energy. >>

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 11.09.59 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Nesite: oppodra dine projekter

(“Nesite: raising your project”…we speak norwegian, too..)

Schermata 2015 02 18 alle 14.49.19 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors



Today we talk about the floors renovation of the historic Cortile della Dogana of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Also here .. Nesite access floors !

The whole project is focused on the recovery of the old stone floor area located adjacent to the old ticket and the new museum section ‘Traces of Florence’. The old surface was maintained thanks to a modern solution in sight glass that permitted the full recovery: thanks to the installation of Nesite raised floors is now possible to access the Palazzo Vecchio Museum without losing the sight of the old herringbone floor.

The new Nesite floor, made with a special anticorrosion structure, overlooks the old red brick layer and leads to new rooms dedicated to the history of Florence and temporary exhibitions. In detail, thanks to the collaboration of raised floors Nesite, it have been carried out two large platforms that lead to the two inputs and are connected by two ramps inclined glass. The floor was made of glass panels and porcelain tiles and allow you to see the old pavement of the Cortile della Dogana. Nesite raised floor has also allowed a better illumination of the area through recessed lighting fixtures.




Nesite raised floors in the Vatican Data Center

Thanks to the Nesite raised floor, the inside of the Data Center of the Vatican Apostolic Library has changed. 

The entire renovation of the pavement – that it was necessary to replace an injured floor – covers an area of about 200 square meters.
For both the 90 meters of office space and that for the operational area where there are machinery and technical equipment (100 sqm) were chosen sulphate and laminate panels.A glass corridor surrounds the perimeter of the machinery creating “a path” to make the entire project more aesthetically pleasant. The panels are made of glass, and belong to the High Class Nesite product line: precisely, were used 10 clear glass panels to which were decal with the Vatican Library logo, and 12 more dull panels without any written. The entire glass flooring has a dimension of 600x600x26mm, with a core made of three transparent glass layers linked together with a plastic film of 8 +10 +8 mm thickness making a single body of 26mm thickness edged with a plastic semi-rigid, self-extinguishing and antisqueak material.Schermata 2015 07 02 alle 17.52.48 Nesite raised floors in the Vatican Data Center

The project was created for the digitization of the secret and ancient texts preserved in the Vatican Library. Various kind of data are stored of in the Data Center such as, for example the registration of the access control to the turnstiles, the control of email contacts, etc.. In addition, the archive will soon be equipped with the latest generation of scanners capable of reading texts of manuscripts and ancient scrolls not available physically. This will allow the study and recovery of ancient texts, photographing documents in depth, exceeding about 8 layers, then send them to the Data Center for the acquisition.

Schermata 2015 07 02 alle 17.56.34 Nesite raised floors in the Vatican Data Center

For this project, Nesite has taken care not only the technical need but also the requirements of the customer in terms of timing and installation: as to not disturb the normal operations of the business, in fact, Nesite has removed the old damaged floor in several tranches (about 50 square meters at a time) and then replace and install it without creating inconvenience to the workers.






Schermata 2015 02 18 alle 14.49.19 Nesite raised floors in the Vatican Data Center

Nesite Contract - Dubai

Dubai: new showroom and presentation of Nesite Contract

Tuesday May 19 will be held in Dubai a must for project managers and entrepreneurs involved in the dynamic life of the sparkling Emirate.

With great satisfaction (and a bit of emotion ..) we are pleased to invite customers and business partners at the official opening of our showroom in Dubai: an important step, which sees our company to strengthen its presence and operations in the territory, already confirmed by the production unit of Sharjah.

In addition to the presentation of the line of Nesite raised floors, will seize the opportunity to officially present our new division: Nesite Contract.
Taking advantage of its long experience in providing products for offices around the world and with the desire to give a strong Italian identity to their proposals in terms of project design, Nesite Contract aims to give a full service consultancy and supply the various elements that make up the workplace, giving maximum emphasis to the architectural aspects through proposals that meet the diverse needs of exclusivity of the same.

The inauguration is scheduled for 16.00 on 19/05 at our office in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Swiss Tower Cluster Y 3rd 13, (Dubai).

See you there!
Nesite Contract
tel +39 0498072536


Twin Floor Outdoor: easy and fast

Ideal for paving outdoor public places, highly trafficated or particularly valuable terraces, Twin Floor Outdoor by Nesite is the most simple and environmentally friendly way to renew outer surfaces, easily and fast.

esterno21 Twin Floor Outdoor: easy and fast

With Twin Floor you can:

  • Easily and quickly inspect the underfloor plenum in case of repair of the insulating coating and consequently save costs of demolition and refurbishment of slabs and finishing materials, as well as save time during repair intervention.
  • Improve the thermal insulation, thanks to the plenum between the raised floor and the slab.

disegno twinfloor Twin Floor Outdoor: easy and fast

  • Ventilate the plenum with consequent elimination of damp and of radon gas.
  • Drain water, making the floor dry and safe immediately.
  • Lay the floor faster than with traditional floor and consequentlytime saving. The absence of floor’s settling time eliminatesthe risk of water infiltration into the slab.
  • Avoid making the screed above the coating and gluing the finishing materials, with consequent money saving.
  • Avoid using chemical and concrete adhesives.

Schermata 2015 02 18 alle 14.49.19 Twin Floor Outdoor: easy and fast


We have already told you about BREEM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), the first and most widespread environmental evaluation protocol in the world.

A BREEAM “class A” certification represents the best evaluation of a building’s environmental performance.

We are proud to present you a building of the Fredriksborg Property, which have always been ecofriendly oriented with their projects: the Wilberg Atrium.


The construction was certified as BREEAM Very Good and energy Class A mainly because almost all the building is equipped with Raised Floor from Nesite and a UFAD System supplied by GBT Concept. UFAD means an Under Floor Air Distribution System where all installations (ventilation, air conditioning plus water, electricity and computer cabling) are under the Nesite raised floor, which cover almost all the flooring area.

This system has resulted in enormous energy savings, Now after one year of running it shows that the building is performing even lower than energy Class A.


Space heating (in Norway!) is guaranteed with the perfect comfort; indeed, it was used only 50% of energy normally needed for ventilation and 20% of energy normally used for cooling compared to standard installations using ducts and chilled beams installed in the ceiling. The reason for the savings is easily understood: the warm air raisesnaturally; by using the raised floor as a giant duct letting the conditioned air out into the ambient at low speed just above the floor the air raises to the ceiling by natural vertical motionsfollowing the most basic laws of physics, and saving energy.


The advantage in performance guaranteed by Nesite High Quality floor, a must for an air tight duct, in collaboration with GBT Concept is extremely evident also in case of inspection and maintenance of the systems: simple gestures give access, in maximum security, to installations normally difficult to inspect if installed in the ceiling. The Nesite raised floor together with GBT Concept System also is an important factor to the flexibility of the office space at Wilberg Atrium, permitting Facility Management at a significant lower cost than normal.

From the very beginning the owners of Wilberg Atrium aimed to save as much energy as possible, maintaining a high indoor air quality, and the team of engineers and architects together with Nesite and GBT Concept has reached this goal.