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EPD pavimenti sopraelevati

28 February 2022

EPD raised access floor in calcium sulphate

Environmental declaration obtained for all modules with a calcium sulphate core in the various finishes. The phases assessed - in terms of resource consumption and relative impact - include all processes from the

25Hours Hotel

23 December 2021

25Hours Hotels Florence recounted by Ioarch

25Hours Hotel Firenze, the storytelling project inspired by the Divine Comedy, recounted by IoArch in its January 2022 issue. Commedia terrena nel cuore della città (Earthly comedy in the heart of the city)

Nesite su Arketipo 141-2020

02 November 2020

Arketipo Magazine tells Nesite

Arketipo ci racconta, e lo fa nel modo che più preferiamo: attraverso il nostro lavoro.

Nesite live su GBC Italia, webinar 22 - 23 ottobre 2020

20 October 2020

Nesite LIVE on GBC Italia

  Webinar 22-23 October | Sustainability and comfort in living We spend 80% of our time indoors, about 20 hours a day, which is why we are the "Indoor Generation". This condition, without

Castello di Doragno - ARCHI MAGAZINE

09 September 2020

Case history “Castello di Doragno” – ARCHI Espazium

Towards zero-energy buildings with ARCHI Espazium Magazine 2020/4: case history "Castello di Doragno", the renovation and energy sustainability project entirely floored with our Diffuse radiant system. "Respect for historical buildings can lead to

Nesite su Living - Corriere della sera

20 August 2020

Nesite raised floors on Living website

  Nesite raised floors on Living website Living magazine - Corriere della Sera website talks about Nesite and raised solutions for large architectural projects, presenting among others also the reference of the Fuksas

WPP campus Milano - Nesite

15 June 2020

New WPP HQ, “stargate” of creativity in Milan

A city in constant transformation, a magnet for foreign investment, a primary business hub. Milan, Milan, by now a symbol of hospitality, competitiveness and social inclusion, is an undisputed must for the companies

PArky, pavimento sopraelevato parquet HDF click system

02 June 2020

Par-ky, new high performance wood covering

PAR-KY è il nuovo rivestimento 100% riciclabile per pavimenti sopraelevati, che unisce la bellezza e il calore del legno naturale, in differenti essenze e finiture, alle prestazioni di una finitura ingegnerizzata.

Ristrutturazione Museo della Posta Parigi

25 May 2020

The new Musée de La Poste in Paris

The Museé de La Poste in Paris has undegone a major renovation in the last 6 years, signed by the Parisian architect Frédéric Jung. The project, initially aimed at improving access for people

pavimento sopraelevato BIM

20 April 2020

We are BIM!

From generico to specific with Nesite, our raised floors are now also BIM objects!

Gioia 22 - inizio fornitura pavimenti sopraelevati

19 January 2020

Start of supply for Gioia 22 – Milan

The supply of Nesite raised floors for Gioia 22, the first skyscraper in Italy built according to the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) standard, has started. Render GIOIA 22 - credits COIMA Sgr

Torre Gioia 22 - Milano

10 January 2020

Gioia 22, Nesite floors at altitude 120 meters

New goal on the sustainability front, the most "eco - advanced" skyscraper in Italy will be completely paved with the raised system Nesite. GIOIA 22, WELCOME IN THE FORTHCOMING FUTUREWe are in Milan,

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