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Certificazione Cradle to Cradle pavimenti sopraelevati

28 May 2024

Cradle to Cradle Certification of Nesite raised floor

The audit for the certification C2C of Nesite raised floors, which will implement the sustainability standards of our calcium sulfate system according to the circular economy principles, took place recently. The Cradle to

Evento Datafloor, il pavimento sopraelevato per i data center

25 January 2024

DATAFLOOR EVENT – Auditorium Aruba Bergamo

On 24 January 2024, DATAFLOOR, the exclusive conference on design solutions for data centers organized by Nesite at the Aruba Auditorium in Bergamo, took place. The meeting was the ideal opportunity to deepen

Most to least viewed - Eva e Franco Mattes

13 October 2022

Most to least viewed, the raised floor as Connective Monument by Eva & Franco Mattes

Most to least viewed by Eva and Franco Mattes, our raised floor becomes a metaphor for the infrastructure of connection (Connective Monument) in the architecture of internet

Brochure di sostenibilità Nesite

07 October 2022

LEED mapping raised floor

Our sustainability brochure is an act of total transparency towards our customers. Our commitment therefore passes from facts to words, those transcribed in the document drawn up in collaboration with Greenwich Srl, where we have

Inaugurazione sistema antisismico 9D LAB

10 June 2022

9d lab anti-seismic system, nesite raised floor into the launch test

When we talk about the anti-seismic design of a building, we are talking about a whole series of procedures designed primarily to stem its structural failure. But, to protect what is most precious

WPP campus Milano - Nesite

15 June 2020

New WPP HQ, “stargate” of creativity in Milan

A city in constant transformation, a magnet for foreign investment, a primary business hub. Milan, Milan, by now a symbol of hospitality, competitiveness and social inclusion, is an undisputed must for the companies

Arkeda 2019

11 November 2019

Nesite at ARKEDA 2019

"KNOW-HOW", this is the common thread of Arkeda 2019 which, from November 29th to December 1st, will bring together the experience of technicians, craftsman and researchers to the field.The pavilions will be divided

17 April 2019

Milano Design Week 2019, an experience OUT OF…SALONE!

Milan, during the Design Week, becomes a multi-faceted metropolis that, in just one week, witnesses the ferment of thousands of visitors from all over the world (about 190 countries) that juggle between the

risanamento conservativo con pavimento sopraelevato radiante

19 December 2018

Rehabilitation of historical buildings: the raised floor as non-invasive solution

If you thought that a modern solution like the raised floor had nothing in common with the religious places, we are here to prove you the opposite! We'll tell it through the words

Pavimenti per edifici green Nesite

24 September 2018

WGBW 2018: the “TOP 5″ green projects with Nesite raised floor

During the World Green Building Week (24 - 30 September 2018) dedicated to the low environmental impact buildings, thousands of supporters around the world promote initiatives to make our buildings greener and contribute

pavimento flottante in vetro - progetto "Leopoldine"

11 June 2018


The “Leopoldine” project is the initiative promoted and sponsored by Bonifiche Ferraresi, the biggest Italian agricultural company, aimed at combating the degradation phenomenon of the leopoldine, historical buildings of Valdichiana. The restructuration will

16 May 2018

Venice, the Venetian-style raised floor

Venice, our Venetian-style raised floor, represents the perfect fusion of the functionality of the technical floor and the aesthetic prerogatives of the Venetian terrace. It stems from the need to enrich the product

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