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A building of unquestionable architectural charm, shaped by the creative audacity of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the National Museum of Qatar offers a sensory museum experience, a symbol of metamorphosis, beauty and modernity.

The exterior represents the perfect integration into the geographical context, while the interior reserves a unique and immersive experience, in a succession of irregularly shaped volumes. The National Museum of Qatar, a “desert rose” with a surface of about 50,000 square meters and 40 meters of height, astonishes everyone outside and inside. In the new museum in Doha, architectural beauty finds its natural extension in technology.

Scenographic spaces and strong digital integration, the building enraptures visitors inside with a multi-sensory narrative. The exhibition itinerary, which unfolds in a sequence of eleven interconnected galleries, boasts over 130,000 sqm of hi-tech installations that literally give voice to the country’s historical and cultural heritage.

Mostra permanente Museo Nazionalke Qatar ©Antonio-Pagano

Instead, alongside the meandering permanent exhibition are six interactive areas dedicated to families, designed by Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam. Here, history comes to life in an environment that is exciting, engaging and educational at the same time, where each exhibit has its own storyline, distinct style, and unique entertainment.

For example, children can try their hand at making a traditional coffee in the desert, cook fish aboard a ship, unearth an archaeological find, and even “dive” into the Persian Gulf in search of pearls.

It is in this context that even the raised floor comes alive, changes, becomes something unexpected and surprising, like a playmate. The starting point is our led panel JUNO, which “emancipates” itself in a tech version, becoming an interactive twister-style playful platform.

The island, made up of panels in a special format 300×300 mm featuring the map of Qatar, responds to touch inputs thanks to the integration of a special software. The little ones answer the questions by placing parts of their bodies on the tiles, which light up and change color.

The solution designed for the National Museum of Qatar was a challenge that turned into an opportunity in terms of product development, allowing us to create a a fully functional smart raised floor. This because, after all, you’re never too old to get involved, you just have to learn the rules.

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