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LE SCALE DELLA COMPLESSITÀ (THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY), the movie narrates nine places with different complexities, sharing a versatile and modular technological solution, such as the Nesite raised floor. The film, dedicated to architects and professionals, was made in collaboration with ISPLORA, an e-learning portal for professional training accredited by the CNAPPC and AIA.

Luciano Schiavon – LVL Architettura
Gaetano Ceschia – Calvi Ceschia Viganò Architetti Associati.
Rosanna Liseno – Director Nesite
Fabio Di Marco – Sales Director Nesite
Antonio Grasso – Technical Manager Nesite


THE STAIRS OF COMPLEXITY, a journey through large construction sites of an integrated nature, spaces with the need for extreme functionality and flexibility, capable of providing accessibility and safety.
Nine places with different complexities, united by a versatile and modular technological solution, the raised floor, a system that works precisely on the possibility of integrating different components in its thickness, contemplating within its modularity the dialogue between the technical-plant aspects and those of a formal nature.

Nine projects on different scales and sizes, from XL, with the over 20,000 square metres of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the Net Center, to XS, the scale of the product, of the individual module, identifying the innovative proposals, Cork, Floora, Juno, materials, finishes, surfaces and textures.

From here the great evolution of Nesite raised floors, today technological solutions able to adapt to every project typology: museums, theatres, congress centres, churches, working and living spaces.


  • The lesson deals with the theme of constructive complexity through nine different case studies, of different design scales, in order to analyse and compare the different processes of concept, construction and building, from Jean Nouvel’s Louvre to Fuksas’ Nuvola, from Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI to Aurelio Galfetti’s NET Center.
  • Starting from Rem Koolhaas’s exhibition “Fundamentals – Elements of Architecture”, the film critically examines the technological solution of the raised floor as a system capable of integrating different construction needs within architecture (structural, functional, plant engineering, formal, etc.).
  • Moving through the different case studies, the lesson addresses and explains in a wide-ranging way the theme of environmental sustainability, the life cycle and flexibility of the projects, as well as the highly recyclable and/or reusable material choices.
  • The lesson shows the implications of research and innovation on the subject, exploring the compatibility parameters of the projects analysed to obtain specific certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL and FSC.

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