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Nesite raised floors allowed the recovery of the former farm of the Innocents in Figline Valdarno. In our section Project of the Month we tell you something about the architecture firm T.O.P., who followed the work, and about the recovery.


The architecture firm T.O.P. (Technical Operators Designers) is formed by a group of associated professionals working for more than twenty years in the field of restoration, renovation and new construction in the upper Valdarno.

The technical management of the study is led by the architect Danilo Bruschetini who, with many years of experience, mainly follows the most important interventions. Among the works he carried out we can cite the renovation of several historic towns such as Capraia in the town of Castelfranco di Sopra, or Fontebussi and Poggiarina in the town of Cavriglia.

It has recently been completed the recovery and restoration of the premises of the former Farm of Innocentis in Figline Valdarno, which is now allocated to the new headquarters of the Traffic Police of the City of Figline.

Among the new buildings let us cite some experiences for public interventions such as the Library of the City of Gaiole in Chianti, the expansion of the cemetery and the recently renovated new AER (Environment Energy Resources) office building of the City of Incisa Valdarno. Interventions for the construction of buildings for residential terraced or detached houses in various towns of Valdarno stands out among the new private works.


The project carried out in the premises of the former farm of the Innocentis, now public property, can be considered as an intervention with modern finishes placed in a historical context. “It is a space of approx. 330 sqm located on an old building’s ground floor, which previously was the cellar of the farm – says architect Bruschetini – “. “Before the start of the recovery, the room appeared totally intact – he continues –  with the exception of small structures that were unstably installed inside. The entire surface of the room, approx. 7.5 m large and 44.30 m long, showed a beautiful pavement with handmade stone slabs unchanged by time, characterized by slopes and channels that were used to collect water during the washing of the barrels. “

Nesite Raised Glass Panel
Nesite glass panel – detail

“The ceiling – explains architect Danilo Bruschetini – is made of a series of terracotta vaults resting on iron railings. The windows were protected by iron gratings. “

The realized work fully satisfies the City and the T.O.P. firm’s needs, emphasizes the architect: “functionality and simplicity of the rooms, and at the same time recovery without altering the original in- and outdoor appearance of the whole location”.

The interventions made can be divided into two phases: during the initial phase the location was brought to its origin, first through the recovery of the ceiling’s terracotta vaults, the cleaning of the stones, and the recovery of the railings on the windows and doors and windows’ jambs, as well as the removal of inappropriate materials and machines present inside the room; the next step was instead necessary to create the indoor environment without intervening on the bearing walls, on the historic stone floors and on the ceiling’s vaults


Thanks to the use of the raised floor of the brand Nesite it was possible to leave the original floor intact and pass the ducts of the mechanical and electrical installations in the cavity that has been created between the two surfaces without demolishing or cutting the original stones. Moreover, a  raised floor in transparent glass was installed in the reception area to make visible to everybody the characteristics and forms of the old cellars’ original stone floor. Thanks to the wide range of proposals that Nesite can offer, it was possible to choose for the raised floor the proper color that matched the shade of the partition walls.

Former farm of the Innocentis - Nesite raised floor
Former farm of the Innocentis – Nesite raised floor

Architecture firm T.O.P. completed then the work with partition walls and plaster false ceiling – made only in the small areas of restrooms and dressing rooms to leave visible the rest of the premises’ ceilings – by using the former for the passage of the electrical installation’s cables and the latter for the mechanical systems and air treatment piping.

Former farm of the Innocentis - Nesite raised floors - Details
Former farm of the Innocentis – Nesite raised floors – Details
Glass Raised floor - Nesite
Glass Raised floor – Nesite


By taking advantage in a simple but balanced way of the opportunities offered by Nesite raised floor and by the partition walls, it was possible to carry out this intervention using all the space to meet the needs of the new headquarters of the Traffic Police but at the same time the structure was kept intact so that at any time, by removing these “settings”, it can return to its original state.


Contact details of the architecture firm T.O.P:

HQ: Figline Valdarno, via della Vetreria n. 73

tel. 055-959629


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