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We introduced it to you a short while ago and were pleasantly surprised by the interest it aroused. You have put so many questions to us and today, we hope to be clear and comprehensive in answering the most frequent ones.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is Floora?

Floora is the flexible system of floor plants, interchangeable with the raised floor panels, which allows you to design customized green areas in indoor spaces. The starting point is therefore the raised floor – even an existing one – in which panels can be replaced at will with the Floora module.


What does the Floora module consist of?

The Floora module consists of a standard 60×60 cm tray in which hydroponic plants of various types and heights are placed. The system is completed by the granulate, which covers the base, and the water level indicator.

Floora is therefore a plant composition (not a single plant) specifically for raised floors, which can be made to suit your own preferences. The tray can accommodate a configuration of about five plants, here are some examples.

Floora, piante in idrocoltura per uffici

Hydroponics – why we chose it

Floora uses the hydroponics system, a plantation technique with multiple advantage. These techniques stand out by the total absence of soil, in fact replaced by expanded clay, offering the possibility to grow anywhere without getting dirty. Moreover, clay has many other positive aspects compared to soil:

  • it is an inert material, its use drastically reduces the formation of mould, bacteria or other allergens.
  • it does not dry and does not compact, ensuring better support for plant development.

Idrocoltura piante da interno

  • it guarantees perfect drainage of the nutritive liquid, plants grow faster and healthier.
  • slowly releases absorbed water, saving about 80% of water compared to traditional plantation.

How is it installed?

Floora is a system designed to be installed in a few simple, easy steps. The module is delivered ready to plug in and can be placed in place of any raised floor panel, taking care to avoid direct sunlight.

All information on installation and maintenance is available here.


Installation Floora

A few (good) reasons to have Floora in your office

 • plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide.

• plants produce steam and regulate humidity, but they also absorb heat and noise, and filter the air by neutralising harmful substances.

• plants reduce the amount of dust in indoor environments by 20%.

• plants are able to break down many harmful particles, in particularly the volatile organic ones, cause of headaches and tiredness, eye and respiratory tract irritations.

The climatic quality of an environment has a significant impact on the level of well-being perceived. A healthier air in fact reduces stress and connected negative sensations, positively influencing regeneration and concentration, productivity and creativity.

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