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Il pavimento sopraelevato Nesite e la manutenzione

The raised floor: maintenance and care

The raised floor is a technical system made up of removable elements that requires a few simple rules for maintenance.

Eurobuilder 2 manutenzione Fotor The raised floor: maintenance and care

So here are some tips to keep in mind to preserve the stability of the system:

  • Always use lift trucks to move heavy loads, inserting between the panels and the wheels of a rigid body (for example, wood planks ) for proper load distribution .
  • If you’re operating on a raised floor with a transverse structures (where the tightness is guaranteed by the seal of the subfloor ), you must pay special attention not to damage or remove seals of the columns and crossbars: in this specific case, if this happens, you need to assess whether it is appropriate to provide for their replacement.
  • In case you need to remove and the posing of the raised floor that must be compulsorily using the appropriate tools for lifting, in any way, avoiding the use of mechanical means to make a lever between the panels .
  • To replace the panels that make up the raised floor , it is recommended to perform the procedure with the utmost care , exerting a slight pressure, but at the same time ensuring that the neighboring panels are placed in the correct way .
  • It should be particularly scrupulous in case you are performing maintenance on a raised floor that includes accessories, not to damage the connections.
  • If maintenance involves cutting or drilling panels with accessories, you should keep a distance from the edge of the panel, to ensure the strength of the concentrated load: You should not make cuts less than 10 cm from the edges and use the equipment most suitable depending on the type of panel.

Recall, finally, that the raised floor must be installed in a dry and protected space, at a temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C and relative humidity between 40% and 75%.

Nesite starts a training course on the raised access floor

Since December Nesite decided to start a course dedicated to training that caters to the sales network, to all the Area Manager, the agencies that represent the brand in Italy and abroad and in general, to all those in the sector jobs.

 Nesite starts a training course on the raised access floor

Nesite Training Course

The insights are intended to explain the advantage of the raised floor, explaining all the technical aspects of the structures and the installation, with a particular focus on the last product born: Tetris FLOOR Nesite, floating floor system of interlocking, and its variant Tetris KLIMA, the radiating system for heating and cooling of the pavement.

The first meeting took place in Padua, at the showroom of the brand, which was present throughout the sales network and the Area Manager Italy Nesite, a day dedicated to product innovation and implementation.

The second event was held in Milan in December, at the Nesite showroom in collaboration with Area Office. In this case there has been talk of the raised floor and new products to agents and distributors in Northern Italy.

 Nesite starts a training course on the raised access floor

Nesite Training Course in Milan

 Nesite starts a training course on the raised access floor

A moment during the Nesite Training Course in Milan

In January 2013, the training course Nesite moved to Udine, at the headquarters of WWTS agency representation for important brands of furniture and design, and new agent Nesite for Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Armenia.

 Nesite starts a training course on the raised access floor

Antonio Frizzerin during the Nesite training course in Udine

We believe it is very important to know in depth the technical details of our products to the sales network, first, and, more generally, to insiders, that all the advantages our system offers can be exploited to the full” said Antonio Frizzerin, the project manager. “Our new systems and Tetris Tetris Floor Klima, in particular, can fit into areas that have not seen the use of the raised floor NESITE, extending the advantage of flexibility to accommodate new applications, which increases the comfort of the rooms.

The next event related to training on Nesite raised floor will take place in Genoa in March 2013.