International architecture Exhibition. May 2017, Padova.

mostra architettura

Following the outstanding success of Padova 2013 Architettura international architecture workshop, Padova 2015 Architettura international architecture workshop and Padova2016 Architettura exhibitions and discussions, Padova 2017 architettura is just around the corner with a richer and wider programme which will feature research, study and working moments: the events will be a convention, two exhibitions and the third international workshop.

Nesite is proud to be a partner of this event, which will take place in the heart of Padova, which has always been a “workshop-like” urban area, and one of the most interesting and representative cities of Veneto. All the historical stratifications and transformations that shaped the current structure of the city are clearly visible. Many of the ideas which constitute the know-how of city planning and architecture came up thanks to the analysis of cities like Padova, and with such an expertise and their theories, it is nowadays possible to plan and build better cities.

The aim of the convention is to face the issue of the city’s analysis and planning and to gather a remarkable amount of renowned architects, with the aim of discussing their architectural projects and to draw common conclusions from which a program will be extracted and published in a conclusive volume.