Twin floor outdoor is a raised floor specifically for outdoor spaces which allows:

» Easily and quickly inspect the underfloor space in case of repairs to the insulating sheath and consequently save costs of demolition and refurbishment of slabs and finishing materials, as well as save time during repair intervention

» Improve the thermal insulation, thanks to the space between the raised floor and the slab

» Ventilate the underfloor space with consequent elimination of damp and of radon gas.

» Drain the rain water, making the fl oor dry and safe immediately.

» Lay the floor faster than with traditional fl oor and consequent time saving. The absence of fl oor settling time eliminates the risk of water infiltration into the slab.

» Avoid making the screed above the insulating sheath and gluing the finishing materials, with consequent money saving.

» Avoid using chemical and concrete adhesives, thanks to its ecological components

» It can be applied dry (just laid) directly on gravel or grass, but is normally installed on PVC supports of various heights.