Potenza field hospital is ready

Pavimento sopraelevato, raised floor

There are projects that are rewarding for the difficulties faced in achieving them or, simply, for their prestige. And then there are the projects that gratify your spirit, that excite you precisely because of the purpose for which they are intended.

We are talking about the fild hospital donated by Qatar to Basilicata to deal with health emergencies, a modular structure with modern equipment, able to support the San Carlo Hospital in Potenza in case of need.

A few days ago, the first pavilion was completed, and its realisation encompasses the fast-paced work of institutions, workers and volunteers. We had no choice but to give top priority to the supply and ensure that the delivery of all the flooring took place without a single minute’s delay. Because if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that time is life, often a life saved.

Delivery details:

• 60×60 cm chipboard panels with linoleum covering

• MPL structure