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The supply of Nesite raised floors for Milan’s M4 metro line

After the Rome Metro C and the Dubai underground, the Nesite raised floors will now be installed In the Milan M4 urban rail line (known as “Metro Blu”).

More than 2,000 square metres of raised floor up to 1 m in height with calcium sulphate core and vinyl upper covering will be installed in the machine rooms of the new Milan metro line stations.

The raised floor system composed by calcium suphate panels represents the best combination between technical and performance qualities: highly thermal insulation in case of fire (about 60 minutes of fire resistance) and acoustic insulation.

The M4 metro line or “Linea blu” will link central Milan to the East side (the Forlanini quarter and the Linate airport) and to the West side (the Lorenteggio quarter and the San Cristoforo railway station) and, according to forecasts, will transport over 80 million passengers every year.

Its innovative “driverless” driving system incorporates an intelligent traffic-control solution that meets the most rigorous safety standards for passengers.

We are proud to have contributed to yet another project that will bring Milan even closer to the quality standards of other major European capitals” says Fabio Di Marco, Sales Director of Nesite.

cantiere metro blu The supply of Nesite raised floors for Milans M4 metro line

nesite per metro blu milano The supply of Nesite raised floors for Milans M4 metro line