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Nesite participated at the first event of Chapter Veneto of the Green Building Council Italia.

logo vega Nesite participated at the first event of Chapter Veneto of the Green Building Council Italia.

On 23 rd March 2017, at Vega Science and Technology in Venice, a one day conference was held dedicated to sustainability protocols in north-west Italy organized by Chapter Veneto of the Green Building Council Italia.


Green Building Council Italia Nesite participated at the first event of Chapter Veneto of the Green Building Council Italia.In the intense day of discussion different cases of “green” projects were presented: between these H-Campus of Roncade (Treviso), Padiglione Aquae in Marghera (Venice) and the Residence Galileo in Costabissara (Vicenza), the first residential building in Italy to receive the “gold certification” of the GBC Home protocol.

Environmental sustainability: a choice for the present, not only for the future

The social and environmental impact of the supply chain in the construction industry is very relevant. GBC operates in order to allow all the companies in this sector to adopt appropriate and corrective interventions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of natural resources both in construction phase and throughout the entire life cycle of the building (right here the greatest environmental and economic costs are focused but the greatest opportunities too).

The contribution of the manufacturing companies

Nesite Quality Manager, Mr. Antonio Frizzerin, illustrated LEED concrete applications about raised floor installation presenting the Louvre project in Abu-Dhabi, a prestigious project that aims to LEED silver certification, achieved also thanks to the credits given by Nesite raised floor products.

seyh suleyman cami 1_0d5132a27cc22ebeacda45663c4b63c4

Diffuse chosen for the first sustainable Mosque

Next 1st of July the first sustainable mosque in Turkey will be inaugurated.

seyh suleyman cami 4 Diffuse chosen for the first sustainable Mosque

The renovation of the Sheik Suleyman Mosque (the biggest of Instanbul), started in 2014 and wanted by the Directorate of Foundations (maximum Turkish Islamic institution), has aroused great interest in the Islamic country, with over 28.000 places of worship which need to be renovated as well.

It will be Hurata Ali, General Director of the Directorate of Foundations, to preside over the opening ceremony, which will deliver to the population a very high energy efficiency mosque, characterized by:

- Highly efficient and eco sustainable energy system, with 74% lower energy costs
- a new air conditioning system
- No CO2 emissions and energy independence thanks to the photovoltaic plant

h diffuse transpack group service 212056 relec2ffded Diffuse chosen for the first sustainable Mosque


The restoration, developed and designed by Yesco Ltd. (leader in the field of systems and services for energy efficiency) with the logic of total sustainability, bases the cooling and heating system on the raised floor Diffuse by Nesite.

The choice of Nesite radiant raised floor gives 2 important direct benefits:

  • implementing a heating system with very high performance
  • obtaining energy efficiency without any structural impact on the building

Senza titolo11 Diffuse chosen for the first sustainable Mosque

Nesite is proud to have been selected as the supplier of one of the key elements of a potential pilot project forthe restoration and the energy efficiency improvement of dozens of places of worship, throughout Turkey.



Founded in 2001, CMA Lift is one of the most dynamic companies in the production of elevators and components.


As company strongly oriented towards the foreign market, CMA elevators push on the internalization renewing its brand, now CMA Lifts, and opening a new and prestigious venue which reflects the identity of a company known, worldwide, for their own excellence.

Nesite is proud to have been chosen for the raised floor of this prestigious headquarter, whose installation, together with the installation of all the partition walls of the spaces, has been assigned to the same Nesite Contract.

About 1000 sqm of Nesite raised floor with calcium sulphate 30 mm and polished ceramic (PG6AMH),  glass partitions 5 + 5 mm extra-clear transparent on layers of acoustic PVB, as well as coated walls in customized melamine.


We will come back soon with more details about this project and all activities realized for CMA Lifts by Nesite Contract.





Resilient and raised floors: fire reaction and fire resistance

The Foundation of Engineers of Padua and the Order of Engineers of Padua organize, in collaboration with Nesite and e Tarkett, a seminar about the norm of fire performances for floors and in particular for raised floor.

The course, free of charge, will be held on April 27, 2016 at the Order of Engineers of the Province (Piazza Salvemini 2, 35131 Padova) with the following program:

Identification of product types: resilient coatings, laminates and wood – the European Standard:

- Analysis of the installation cycle optic Uni 11515-1

- Fire and escape routes for flooring DM 15 March 2005 with subsequent evolution of February 16, 2009

- Raised floors and UNI EN 12825

- The raised floor and its fire reaction according to UNI EN 13501-1

- The raised floor and its fire resistance according to UNI EN 13501-2


DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Diffuse is the maximum evolution of radiant raised access floors.

It consists of special panels made of a sandwich formed by a patented aluminium shaped radiant body, enclosed between a lower polystyrene insulating layer and the top finish panel. The special shaping of the aluminum foil allows the perfect fit of a multilayer pipe, therefore enable the highest thermal efficiency. The pipeline supplies the Diffuse system with water at low temperature (up to 35 ° C in heating and 17 ° C in cooling) coming from a thermal plant. The aluminum foil acts as a diffuser of the thermal power and ensures its uniform distribution. This allows the optimum air-conditioning of the area affected by Diffuse.

Cattura71 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Diffuse system can be composed of more than one water circuit (for medium-sized areas up to 12m ²/circuit) that converge to special manifolds with regulation driven by the room’s air conditioning control system.

Such composed system is than raised from the concrete slab by a special structure with adjustable height from 14 to 65 cm in order to create a cavity beneath the floor to collect other installations such as wiring, plumbing, telephone, computer and any fresh air system

The total accessibility to said systems is granted through an easy operation: removing the finishing panels and the neutral diffuser panels (without piping), which are totally independent one from the other. This operation can be repeated as many times as necessary: without intervention of skilled personnel, without any connection to existing installations which limits the handling, without special tools for removal and repositioning of the panels.Simplicity, ease and precision for the maximum comfort.

The huge versatility of Diffuse: light, easy to install and completely dry, applicable in any space where a raised floor can be installed, removable, with the possibility of replacing the finishing of the floor at any time without the need for masonry

Cattura DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

The very low thermal inertia: this is the characteristic of dry radiant systems due to the reduced mass; it allows to bring the room to the desired temperature in the shortest time possible, avoiding the long preheating times at ignition, as well as power and energy waste at switch off, that is typical of screed radiant systems having a much higher thermal inertia than Diffuse.

The high thermal efficiency: due to the choice of materials and the composition of the system, Diffuse ensures a significant reduction in consumption (-35%) with the consequent benefit in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and spending review. These are just some of Diffuse’ s peculiar features, the innovative radiant raised floor ideal for new buildings and renovations.

Diffuse: advantages and saving

Cattura2 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors Cattura3 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Totally accessible: each panel can be removed and repositioned without any constraint, thus allowing full accessibility to the underfloor in order to make maintenance and /or modifications to the systems (wires, plumbing, telephone and computer) or to vary the configuration of the rooms with the addition or new positioning of work-stations.

Energy Saving: more than 35%




The use of the advanced control system (optional) allows the perfect thermal regulation of the system; it is able to compensate for abrupt changes of the room’s temperature due to outside heat where, for example, there are large glass areas.

Optimal distribution of the temperature: (uniform heat up to approx. 2,5 m high).

No convective motion of air in the room, no alteration of air quality and reduction in the amount of dust into the room.

Cattura1 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Fields of application

The Diffuse system can be applied wherever there are the conditions for using a raised floor.

It is recommended for areas subject to space reconfigurations (e.g. open space offices, banks, museums, public offices, etc.) because it is completely accessible and, therefore, allows various changes to the underfloor systems at any time and without having to resort to a costly demolition.

HOUSING RENOVATION drastic reduction in the realization times; // simplification of the worksite’s logistics; // total costs very close to those of the wet solutions (with cement screed).

RENOVATION OF TERTIARY BUILDINGS  drastic reduction in the realization times.

RESTRUCTURING OF SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: drastic reduction in the realization times, resulting in rapid returns on investment due to a faster start-up of the business activity; // simplification of the worksite’s logistics: about 4 weeks, with consequent economic advantages resulting from a rapid re-opening; // the most cost-effective solution.

Contact us, we will be proud to give you all the informations about a product that can be considered the state of the art in the radiant raised floors market.

Schermata 2014 12 01 alle 20.13.08 DIFFUSE: the highest evolution of radiant raised accessible floors

Schermata 2016-02-24 alle 13.10.42

Mega airports: Kuwait too is involved in the challenge to Dubai’s super hub

The Dubai International Airport is undoubtedly the busiest airport in the world: with over 78 million passengers in 2015, the glittering UAE hub is the beating heart of the Middle East economy, and a fulcrum in global traffic.

Abu Dhabi, with about 20 million passengers a year, is the second airport of the area, with strong growth prospects and considerable investments already earmarked for further expansion in the next two years.

Dubai’s ” skies’ leadership ” seems to have no rivals, but the competition among airports knows no limit, between official statements and millionaire appropriations.

Schermata 2016 02 24 alle 13.00.05 Mega airports: Kuwait too is involved in the challenge to Dubais super hub

Reaching 25 million passengers by 2020this is the objective stated by the Director of Civil Aviation of Kuwait, Yusef Al Fuzan, in an interview with the Kuwait Times.

The ambitious goal the Kuwait City international airport points to, calls for a massive requalification and extension work, already ongoing, which will make the airport grow and modernize its traffic to increase fivefold within five years.

Schermata 2016 02 24 alle 13.02.11 Mega airports: Kuwait too is involved in the challenge to Dubais super hub

Right in these months, Nesite is providing over 41,000 square meters of raised floor chosen for the Administration Building of the International Airport of Kuwait, where –  in addition to bare panels for loose lay carpet – they chose elegant finishes like ceramic, wood and marble.


Schermata 2015 02 18 alle 14.49.19 Mega airports: Kuwait too is involved in the challenge to Dubais super hub




Its name is ICON and, in Bahria Town (real estate developing colossus), it is “a landmark in Pakistan development”.

Bahria3 NESITE IN KARACHI FOR THE HIGHEST SKYSCRAPER IN PAKISTANMalik Riaz chairman of the Asian building trade colossus (more than 25.000 employees and billion-dollar business) spoke the above words to describe that building which meant a total change for Karachi skyline (Karachi, after Shangay, is the second most peopled city in the world). Icon skyscraper is Pakistan new calling-card for a Country playing a continuous more and more important central role in the economic sector and in the geopolitics of their area.

Offices and apartments in this 62 floor building, which is not just the highest in the Country but also the most accessible one (more than 2.300 parking spaces), as well as the safest and most high-tech one with regard to infrastructure and plants.



Infrastructure and plants (the latest forefront infrastructure and plants, ready for the future as well), which have been designed and installed thanks also to the selection and installation of a raised floor having technical features capable to ensure the highest standards required for this enormous structure by Bahria Town

It is obvious we are talking about NESITE Raised Floors, required by the Customer and installed over a more than 15.000 sq.mts. surface.


That is another of our Company’s prestigious work and NESITE, once again, has been selected for both product high quality and production capacity capable to assure speedy delivery terms as per customer requirements.

Schermata 2016-01-08 alle 12.41.43

Nesite raised floors for ArchiStar Fuksas’s “Nuvola”

“The work is nearly finished. Rome will have at last what Rome always needed: a Congress Centre suitable for a Worldwide City”.

That is what Archistar Massimiliano Fuksas said at the first “public opening” (journalists only) of the Site which, within 2016, will become an international level enormous Congress Centre.

A work amounting to 275 Euro mlns, hindered often by Rome complex political and economic vicissitudes.

EUR will be provided with the dynamic business of international congress activities thanks to such a realization.

The Site, started in 2008, has been developped in three separate units:

- the underground part, including: auditorium rooms/minor multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms,  the “concorse” (which is the intercom space between the two entrances), the relating services and a parking;

- the “lama” a 441 room Hotel;

- the “teca” giving home to 1.850 seats “Nuvola” Auditorium.


“Tetris” Nesite 2.800 sq.mts. raised floor are being installed just in the above last mentioned unit, in the area in front of the Auditorium, along the walk to the futuristic “Nuvola”.

Tetris Floor is a tongue and groove hollow floor system, made of calcium sulphate, the only building material of its kind that is classified throughout Europe with building materials class A1, non combustible acc. to EN 13501-1. The top covering (upper surface of the floor) will be in resin.

IMG 20140404 WA001 2 1 Nesite raised floors for ArchiStar Fuksass Nuvola

The dry laying of Tetris Floor offers numerous advantages compared with wet flooring systems: ease and rapidity of installation , there is no drying time and you can proceed immediately to the application of the top finish. Tetris Floor can be combined with any type of floor covering and size, for a wide range of applications. For Nuvola project panels 1200×600 mm and 600×600 mm, with thickness 38 mm.

What distinguishes Tetris Floor is the special gasket 10 mm – compressed up to 5 mm – designed to hold any expansion in order to ensure the stability of the floor and the surface finish in resin, as shown in the drawing below and documented ” live ” in the video viewed by clicking here

Schermata 2016 01 08 alle 15.21.28 Nesite raised floors for ArchiStar Fuksass Nuvola

More informations about Tetris Raised Floor are available here

We are proud to include Fuksas’ Nuvola is the prestigious projects with our raised floors which, thanks to their features and style, are chosen for the most innovative buildings. All over the world.

  Senza titolo11 Nesite raised floors for ArchiStar Fuksass Nuvola


Schermata 2015-11-18 alle 16.31.33

Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”

Workhop November 25 @ Dubai Nesite Showroom: when communication means training.

Raised floor market asks for an always increasing attention by companies who are, like Nesite, developing their business in quality, and not just in quantity.

Our raised floor are becoming more and more popular globally, but skills needed for choosing and installing the right system are highly required.

Experience and know how

Considering the importance of know how, Nesite decided to arrange for proper workshops studied and held by technicians of our company, specializes in raised floor production for over 50 years.

Such workshops will be detailed real training, of utmost interest for professional building operators wanting to learn what kind of technology and features are making raised floor the ideal choiche for any and all kind of enviroment: residential and commercial as well.1415 Nesite infografica Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”


From production to installation, Nesite workshops will go through detailed programmes analyzing all characteritics of raised floor, in order to help the participants to evaluate our product and compare it with other systems available in the market.


We will be in the UAE for the first workshop, which will be held in Nesite Showroom in Dubai on Novembre 25th, few kilometers away from our production plant in Sharjah.

Senza titolo1 Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”

We will be really pleased to meet all professionals, operating in that area, who have already confirmed their presence, as well as all of those ones who will come and take part in that which is going to be the very first of many future meetings.


Workshop programme: click here

Schermata 2015 11 18 alle 16.16.12 Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”


Schermata 2015-10-23 alle 10.40.15

In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Last February we spoke about Wilber Atrium, a construction BREEAM certified, equipped with raised floor from Nesite and projected witn an Under Floor Air Distribution System, with all the installations (ventilation, air conditioning plus water, electricity and computer cabling) located under the Nesite raised floor, which cover almost all the flooring area.

Today we want to talk you about Værstetorvet Project 1.

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 11.06.31 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floorsVærstetorvet 1 is a modern new building complex designed and built with innovative solutions, as the beginning of the creation of a new district. Fully occupied from start it houses “high tech” IT companies, building consultants and architect firms. All attracted by maximum flexibility and unchallenged indoor environment for best staff performance.

Raised floor system has been chosen as ideal solution to save space and to increase the flexibility of the layout, besides, the building benefits from underfloor air conditioning developed and supplied by Nesite partner GBT Concept. Same technical solution as previous Norwegian project Vilberg Atrium.

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 10.47.16 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Despite building regulations, the developers even managed to get an extra floor due to height savings achieved by raised floor ventilation technique. Approximate height saving is between 40 – 60 cm / floor.

Project manager Roy V. Jacobsen, talking about this project: <<  There are several good reasons for choosing Nesite raised floors solution. The floor is prefabricated and can be assembled quickly and more comfortably for artisans, while the rails under the floor makes it flexible to furnish an office landscape as required. All systems are ready under the floor, and the system also comes with connectors, plug-in and rails located under the floor >> 

Development Director, Sigbjørn Moe:  << Instead of adding all technical solutions with water, ventilation, electricity and data cables in ceilings, as one does in most buildings, we have put everything under the floor.Ceilings normally builds 50 to 60 centimeters, while the raised floor just build 20 centimeters. This system makes it comfortable for the employees, as well as being environmentally friendly by saving energy. >>

Schermata 2015 10 23 alle 11.09.59 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

Nesite: oppodra dine projekter

(“Nesite: raising your project”…we speak norwegian, too..)

Schermata 2015 02 18 alle 14.49.19 In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors