Nesite raised floor for the Independent Media Station of Amm [...]

Independent Media Station - Amman (2)

Installation works in progress for the Indepent Media Station project of Amman, Jordan: more than 2.300 sqm of Nesite raised floor have been installed with bare panels for lose-lay... READ MORE


Nesite workshop in collaboration with Gruppo Romani Spa


Raised floor: an ideal solution for requalification and sustainability. Gruppo Romani S.p.A. Has decided to promote a cycle of training seminars for planners with the aim of pro... READ MORE


mostra architettura

International architecture Exhibition. May 2017, Padova.

Following the outstanding success of Padova 2013 Architettura international architecture workshop, Padova 2015 Architettura international architecture workshop and Padova2016 Architettura exhibitions and discussions, Padova 2017 architettura is just around the corner with a richer and wider programme which will feature research, study and working moments: the events will be a convention, two exhibitions and the [...]