CMA Lifts, Bari

TOTAL AREA: 1.000 m2
TYPE: Nuova sede
PLACE: Bari (Italy)

Founded in 2001, CMA Lifts is one of the most dynamic companies in the production of lifts and components.

Strongly projected towards the foreign market, CMA Lifts pushes on the internalization by renewing its brand and inaugurating the new and prestigious headquarters, which well reflects the identity of a company worldwide known for its excellence.

For this work, CMA has chosen Nesite Contract, whose goal was to make the headquarters reflect the identity of a company that combines latest technology with Italian design, guarantee of elegance.



  • Supply and installation of raised floor;
  • Supply and installation of partition walls;
  • Supply of porcelain ceramic top coverings.



The customer’s requirement was to have extremely bright rooms, where the light could reflect to create a transparency effect within the various offices.

It was then made a careful choice of materials to meet this request: a white polished porcelain ceramic has been selected for the raised floor, to give a very shiny effect.

The partition walls have been proposed in extra-clear glass; the blind movable partitions have been covered with laminate of the same color of the wooden furniture, as per customer’s request.

The guides in the floor and ceiling and the wall profiles allow the perfect leveling of the wall both horizontally and vertically and the perfect closing against the existing walls.

To allow adequate wall wiring, an equipment compartment 104 mm thick in melamine was designed to facilitate the installation of light points, socket points, thermostats, alarm sensors and other equipment dimensionally compatible.

The doors, single and double shutter, have tempered extra-clear glass door 10 mm complete with lever handle with integrated lock.

Where a greater acoustic performance was required, specific partitions have been made to improve the insulation up to 46 Db.

To respect the modularity imposed by the customer even in correspondence with the recesses, the walls’ measures have been adapted thanks to the application of special sealing profiles.



  • 1.000 sqm of raised floor Nesite (PG6AMH) with calcium sulphate core, 30 mm thick, and polished porcelain ceramic upper covering 600×600 mm;
  • Partition walls in extra-clear glass total thickness 51 mm, acoustic PVB layer 0,76 inside;
  • Profiles made of a structure in extruded aluminum alloy 6060 UNI 9006/1;
  • Floor and ceiling guides in silver anodized aluminum.