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NESITE raised floors, following a continuous path of innovation and research, have been tested and certified according to the latest standards in the field of acoustics.

The technical “raised floor”, in fact, is directly involved with the new UNI 11367, considers the acoustic requirements of space that also to the same buildings unit.

The standard of support for this type of product is represented by the UNI EN 12825 of May 2003 that specifies the characteristics and performance requirements of the raised floors, whose main intended use is inside buildings by ensuring full access to the subfloors. It’s applicable to the industrially produced modular elements , including panels and columns and defines the testing and measuring methods.

As for noise protection, paragraph 4.11 of the standard of support, textually states: “Where necessary, the sound insulation of raised floor from the noise transmitted by air and by foot traffic must be tested in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10848-2:2006 (ex UNI EN ISO 140-12).”

Noise isolation with a raised floor
Noise insulation with a raised floor

This standard requires the use in laboratory of two adjacent rooms of approximately equal volume according to UNI EN ISO 10140-5:2010 (ex UNI EN ISO 140-1) , separated by a common wall, i.e. an acoustic barrier placed on the raised floor in order to split the test environment in two separate rooms.

The measurement involves a double analysis of sound transmission that spreads between the two rooms through the plenum below the floor:

– Normalized air acoustic insulation plane of the lateral transmission (Dnf)

– Normalized noise level of the foot traffic by lateral impact (LNF)

The NESITE raised floor, in particular the new Twin Floor indoor System, fully satisfy the requirements of the standards in relation to both of these parameters, as shown by the certificates available in our reserved area.

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