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Nesite raised floor will be installed in the ” Neutral Beam Test Facility” of the Consortium RFX – Padua.

This is the HQ that hosts the research experiments of the project PRIMA within the areas CNR- RFX in Padua, in range of a thermonuclear fusion experiment of world importance.

This project involves the construction of the structure that will host SPIDER, a prototype of ion source, and MYTHICAL, the prototype in 1:1 scale of injector ITER, the first experimental fusion reactor being built in France.

One of the essential components for the operation of ITER is the neutral beam injector , whose purpose is to send a beam of neutral particles of hydrogen inside the vacuum chamber of ITER to heat the plasma generated therein and support its current.

It was planned to build the first neutral beam injector of ITER before its experimental campaign, and to try it on a separate site, in order to achieve the performance required by ITER , that is NBTF (Neutral Beam Test Facility) .

To achieve these performances were also developed very advanced techniques for the transmission and control of the data and the measurement of experimental parameters.

The company is part of the international fusion program, which aims to achieve the production of fusion energy as soon as possible.

To this aim Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, China, Korea and India have decided to realize in France the first experimental fusion reactor ITER , which will have to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion.

The raised floor is the right answer for the needs related to the considerable complexity of the experimental plant with strong restrictions also depending on the limited space availability in the intervention area, designed by Arteco studio.


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