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Friday, October 4 Nesite, in collaboration with the Building School of Siena, will hold a course on the raised floor and its setting.

The architect Mirko Giorgetti – Nesite salesman for Tuscany – – will be the teacher of the academic part, which will last eight hours divided into two parts. The first part, which will last four hours, will be dedicated to the explain the characteristics the peculiarities of raised floors such as mechanical strength, fire performance, electrical characteristics, level of noise and acoustic performance, speed of installation and the flexibility of the finish materials.

Posa in opera del pavimento sopraelevato Nesite

The second part instead, will focus on the academic explanation of the corporate video of Nesite which shows the installation process of a raised access floor.

The training session will continue with a practice phase of 40 hours with a team of licensed installers that will teach the method of installation, the finishing and assembly solutions between supports.

Nesite spiega a Siena il Pavimento Sopraelevato

The purpose of the course is to better prepare professionals the implementation of the raised floor panels, giving detailed and specific information to installers.

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Acquisizione pavimenti sopraelevati Uniflair

Nesite acquisisce il ramo pavimenti Uniflair

Condividiamo con entusiasmo la conclusione dell’iter di acquisizione del ramo pavimenti Uniflair ceduto dal Gruppo Schneider Electric, un accordo costruito perseguendo l’obiettivo comune di preservare un’eccellenza italiana del nostro settore, garantendo la continuità del business a tutela di lavoratori, fornitori, committenti.