Zaha Hadid signs a new business centre for Dubai, ready in 2016

Zaha Hadid - Opus Tower

The Opus Tower, this is the name of the last work of the Anglo-Iraqi star-architect Zaha Hadid for Dubai. The project, which will enrich the already generous skyline of the city of the United Arab Emirates, will host inside a luxury hotel of Melia Hotels & Resorts chain and will be inaugurated in 2016. The structure is admirable not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also for the advanced technology used. Let’s see together its carachteristics.

Opus Tower

The Opus Tower project comprises two structures conceived as a single ” eroded cube,” a well-beloved form by the architect. The Opus will occupy an area of over 80,000 square meters and will be developed over 21 floors. Characterized by an extreme design for an office area, the Opus Tower deviates significantly from tradition with its massive use of almost liquid lines. Curved lines, solids and voids in perfect harmony with the other buildings of Dubai, a city that has now shown great interest in structures out of the ordinary. Hadid’s creature, in this sense, is in fact part of a broader plan aimed at the revitalization of the bay that the tower overlooks.

opus Zaha Hadid signs a new business centre for Dubai, ready in 2016

Opus Tower Dubai

Facade and roof:  light and space effects

The facade of the Opus Tower will consist of highly reflective pixellated glass that thanks to the daylight will give fullness to the whole structure while, at night, the cube will “dematerialize”  through a smart play of LED lights. Another structure that Hadid studied in detail is the roof. It becomes the instrument to represent the Business Bay through a rooftop garden, a public space where, at the same time, privacy reigns supreme.

OpusTower ext night street2 Fotor Zaha Hadid signs a new business centre for Dubai, ready in 2016

Opus Tower by Night

Zaha Hadid signs all details

“It is a building that challenges the traditional idea of ​​a business area – ensures Hadid, talking about Opus Tower – not only for the stunning geometry, but also because it will boast an improved environmental quality through the use of the most advanced technologies. All materials – continues the Pritzker Prize – were selected to ensure durability, efficiency and resistance as well as excellent sound insulation in defense of privacy. “Also, for the first time, Zaha Hadid signs all the details including the furnishings of the hotel, designed with her fluid style characterized by curved and enveloping lines.

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