Work in progress: Naples Underground Central Station

Pavimento sopraelevato

Nesite’s raised floor in the new Naples Underground Central Station

“Making Naples emerge from the underground, as if it were a volcanic bubble”, this is the prerequisite of the future new Naples Underground Central Station designed by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, which aims to reintegrate the structure into the surrounding area, creating a sustainable, people-friendly public space.

The terminal is an organic object with a light wooden structure and a large roof, which will create large shaded areas in which to take a break, explains EMBT. The choice of wood was determined by the necessity of supporting the existing structure, designed by Kenzo Tange, and by the desire to make the square recognisable. The green areas are an important element of the project and will be a continuous system that will accompany pedestrians from the city to the inside of the station.

The roof will be enriched with the work of street artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, who will create a large Neapolitan face, visible from all the adjoining buildings. Art, together with architecture and archaeology, is one of the three A’s that characterise the design of the Naples metro stations.

The Nesite intervention will concern the technical rooms, where a high resistant raised floor will be installed, made of calcium sulphate panels and HPL covering. The system, moreover, provides a special design of the structure, to overcome the problems due to the strong irregularity of the support surface.


© Paolo Fassoli