Great success in Brescia for Azero Tour 2017

AZero Tour Nesite

Very positive results for the Brescia seminar of Azero Tour 2017 which took place the last 4th of May. More than 150 professionals including surveyors, architects and engineers have shown their interest not only in redevelopment and energy saving, but also in Nesite and Floortech innovative systems such as the revolutionary Diffuse, the radiant raised floor which can be used both for residential and commercial purposes.

The redevelopment of the existing building stock is an increasingly relevant topic due to both the approaching of European laws’ deadlines concerning the realization of energy saving, and the stabilization of efficiency policies and the technological innovation which introduced systems and solutions that can guarantee a noteworthy improvement of performances and therefore a shorter period of return on investments.
azerotour2017 300x121 Great success in Brescia for Azero Tour 2017

The topics of the Azero Tour will be resumed in the upcoming seminars that will include several provincial capitals of Italy: next event in Bergamo, on 15th of June.