design Elisa Ossino

EO 01 - compact kitchen
wooden monoblock

Elisa Ossino has designed EO 01 kitchen for Sanwa Company, giving life to a cooking unit suitable for lofts, co-working spaces, studies, small interiors and informal situations.

EO 01 kitchen responds to the needs of finding a solution for small-sized spaces, materializing one of the linchpins of the Japanese traditional way of living: the invisibility of some functional elements.

Elisa Ossino has thus designed a small unit where the kitchen is in fact hidden behind a separating surface, projecting the user on the set of an Ozu’s film, where objects in a domestic scenery are kept hidden behind fusuma and shoji, the moving panels that continuously define the rooms structure.

The cooking unit can easily be located in different areas of the house. EO 01 kitchen includes a dual induction hob, a sink, work surface areas and a set of elegantly shaped accessories, inspired by a minimal and simple design, including a chopping board, wooden boxes, shelves, compartments for the storage of knives and sponges, together with a few magnetic areas defined by lines.

Minimalism, modernism, a great attention to materials selection : the EO 01 kitchen project puts the linchpins of design research at the heart, reinterpreting them with a radically new sensibility for the relationship between form and function.

Elisa Ossino Studio

Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino is an architect and interior designer.

Born in Sicily, she was trained in Milan, where she studied at Politecnico. In the year 2006, she established Elisa Ossino Studio focusing on art direction, set design, styling, residential and commercial interiors, product design.

Her works combines geometrical abstraction, monochromes, metaphysical and surrealist references, giving birth to a coherent and allusive relationship between space, light, and objects. A sort of scenic suspension inspires Elisa’s style, bringing in every project a peculiar form of lightness.

Essential lines and geometries are the distinctive features of her designs, giving to the space they are located in a deep scenographic feeling.