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The raised floor Nesite will be installed in two locations of Aruba in Arezzo, the Italian company leader in providing web hosting services, e-mail address and registration of domain names.

The Aruba Group’s services and its subsidiaries are primarily channeled through three data centers, two at Arezzo dedicated to Italian customers and Western Europe, while a third structure (DC3-CZ) serves the Central and Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic

The webfarm I of Arezzo (DC1-IT) covers 4,000 m² and can contain up to 50,000 servers, while the webfarm II (DC2-IT) covers 2000m ² for 15,000 server capacity.

Just within these two branches will be installed Nesite raised floor: in webfarm 1 will be supplied over 800 square meters of raised floor for the data rooms; it is a floor consisting of Twin Floor panels for indoor and BPC structure for heavy loads. The panels will be provided upon specific request of the customer not only in standard sizes 60×60 cm, but also with special formats to allow for the optimization and total inspection around the servers; the support structure, moreover, has been prepared so that it can obtain an adjustment of more than 10 cm in order to reach a height varying from 30 to 40 cm to allow for different interventions that will be executed after the installation of the floor.

In webfarm 2, instead, will be installed in the offices and in the data rooms about 400 square meters of floor with calcium sulphate core and ceramic top covering, that will be laid upon BPC structure for a finished floor height of 54 cm.


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