Nesite raised floors for ArchiStar Fuksas’s “Nuvola”

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“The work is nearly finished. Rome will have at last what Rome always needed: a Congress Centre suitable for a Worldwide City”. That is what Archistar Massimiliano Fuksas said at the first “public opening” (journalists only) of the Site which, within 2016, will become an international level enormous Congress Centre. A work amounting to 275 [...]


Nesite workshop: “Which raised floor?”

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Workhop November 25 @ Dubai Nesite Showroom: when communication means training. Raised floor market asks for an always increasing attention by companies who are, like Nesite, developing their business in quality, and not just in quantity. Our raised floor are becoming more and more popular globally, but skills needed for choosing and installing the right system [...]


In Norway, innovation is synonymous with Nesite raised floors

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Last February we spoke about Wilber Atrium, a construction BREEAM certified, equipped with raised floor from Nesite and projected witn an Under Floor Air Distribution System, with all the installations (ventilation, air conditioning plus water, electricity and computer cabling) located under the Nesite raised floor, which cover almost all the flooring area. Today we want to talk you about Værstetorvet Project 1. Værstetorvet [...]