The supply of Nesite raised floors for Milan’s M4 metro line


After the Rome Metro C and the Dubai underground, the Nesite raised floors will now be installed In the Milan M4 urban rail line (known as “Metro Blu”). More than 2,000 square metres of raised floor up to 1 m in height with calcium sulphate core and vinyl upper covering will be installed in the [...]


Nesite raised floor for the Louvre of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's Louvre

After many years of hard work, the museum Louvre in Abu Dhabi will open its doors. Designed  by Pritzker prize winner Jean Nouvel, the museum was born following an intergovernmental agreement with France and it will exhibit artworks from all over the World. Jean Nouvel was inspired by the special features of the Saadiyat site: a [...]


International architecture Exhibition. May 2017, Padova.

mostra architettura

Following the outstanding success of Padova 2013 Architettura international architecture workshop, Padova 2015 Architettura international architecture workshop and Padova2016 Architettura exhibitions and discussions, Padova 2017 architettura is just around the corner with a richer and wider programme which will feature research, study and working moments: the events will be a convention, two exhibitions and the [...]


Great success in Brescia for Azero Tour 2017


Very positive results for the Brescia seminar of Azero Tour 2017 which took place the last 4th of May. More than 150 professionals including surveyors, architects and engineers have shown their interest not only in redevelopment and energy saving, but also in Nesite and Floortech innovative systems such as the revolutionary Diffuse, the radiant raised [...]